Version 1.5.0 Is Out


Swinsian 1.5.0 is out and it comes with several new features. The biggest change is the removal of the search menu, which has been replaced with the quick controller window. Other new features include a new duplicate finder, find and replace for bulk tag editing and regex support in the search field.

The quick controller window

To use the new quick controller you will need to assign it a keyboard shortcut in the shortcuts tab of the preferences. When activated the window will appear over all other open windows, dimming the background windows. The dimming effect can be turned off in the options draw which is activated by the downwards arrow at the bottom of the window.

At the top level the search field will search for matches in the artist, album, composer or genre tags. If you navigate into a sublist, albums for example, then the search field will just search for matches in the album tags.

The quick controller album view

This is just the first version of this new feature, so I am keen to hear from people who would like additional features or have other suggestions for improvements. class=“block_image”