Swinsian Version 1.0.8


A new update to Swinsian has just been released and brings several new features as well as a large number of bug fixes. When transferring tracks to iPods/iPhones or iPads, it is now possible to automatically transcode files to a lower bitrate, or to convert files in formats that are not supported on those devices into a compatible format. The transcoding preferences allow a variety of rules to be set up for different files types and different bitrates to be converted into different formats.

This release also adds support for AC3 files, and begins to add support for surround sound playback.

If you have a newer iOS device that shipped with iOS4 (or an iPad 1) and you have jailbroken it, adding music with Swinsian is currently not supported, but you may be able to get music transfer working. The steps involve editing private iOS system files, so proceed with caution – there is a chance you will lose access to music on the device or need to restore from a backup.

For a list of the other changes in 1.0.8, see the changelog.