Swinsian 2.1


Version 2.1 of Swinsian is now available to download. There are several new features as well as some improvements to the interface. It’s now possible to make Swinsian automatically select the currently playing track by enabling “Automatically Select Playing Track” in the Navigate menu. It’s also now easier to change the field shown in each browser column; right click the top row to select a different type for that column.

The option to split a genre into several values in the genre browser column (so that a track with the genre “Pop, Rock” will show up under “Pop” and “Rock”) has been extended to the artist field as well. It’s now possible to change the character used to split the field from a comma to a slash.

The layout of the track table when the art column is visible and the “Show Every Album in Album Art Column” option is enabled has been improved. The height for each album is now adjusted to save space when an album only contains a few tracks and the art column has been made narrow. It’s also now possible to hide the album and artist labels in the art column for a cleaner appearance.

The update also contains many bug fixes. For a full list of changes see the change notes.