Swinsian Version 1.13.0


Swinsian version 1.13.0 is now available. This is largely a bug fix release but there are a couple of notable new features. It’s now possible to use membership of other playlists as a rule in smart playlists.

A playlist membership rule looks like this:

Playlist membership rule example.

To select tracks that are not in a playlist you can create rules like this:

Not in a playlist rule example.

The ratings field now supports half star ratings, instead of just whole numbers of stars. Support for the Shorten audio format has been added so Swinsian can now play .shn files.

A lot of bugs have been fixed in this release (see the change notes for more details). In particular scrobbling to last.fm has been fixed and the built-in AirTunes support now has much better compatibility with third party devices. A number of issues with gapless playback have also been fixed.